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August 3rd, 2004

Test Story: "Thinking Too Much"

Merry was sleeping. Pippin eased gently into the room, trying hard not to wake his cousin. A board beneath his foot creaked and he stood still.

"Pippin, is that you?" Merry asked, sleepily.

"Yes," Pippin sighed. "I was trying not to wake you. Sorry."

"Get to bed before you wake everyone else," Merry instructed. "Just where have you been anyway?"

"I couldn't sleep," Pippin said, climbing into the bed next to Merry's and pulling up the blankets.

"I asked where you've been," Merry repeated, turning over in the dark room to face Pippin. He could just make out Pippin's shadow by what was left of the firelight.
"I was outside looking at the stars," Pippin answered.

"Weren't you cold?" Merry asked, knowing how damp and chilly the air had turned recently with the coming of fall.

"A bit," Pippin admitted. "It's why I came in just now. My toes are freezing."
"So why can't you sleep?" Merry asked.

"Thinking too much, I guess," Pippin admitted. "I can quit thinking about you birthday."

"Why are you thinking about my birthday?" Merry asked. "It's still months away at this point." Merry wondered what had brought this on.

Pippin got out of his bed and came over and climbed in next to Merry, putting his cold toes next to Merry's warm leg and causing him to jerk back.

"Pippin, your feet are like ice," Merry complained.

"I know," Pippin said. "Merry, when you turn thirty-three, well, are we still going to be friends?"

Merry sighed, "So that's what this is about is it?" Merry said, putting an arm around his younger cousin's shoulders.

"Well, you are going to come of age and I'm still going to be in my tweens is all," Pippin said, grateful for the warmth of Merry's bed and the feel of his older cousin's arm around his shoulders. He shifted in closer and continued. "I was just wondering if maybe when you do come of age if you might not want me around so much."
"Why do you think I won't want you around, Pip?" Merry asked, softly.

"I'll not be of age or anything and well, I thought you might only want to be with hobbits that are more grown up than me," Pippin said, a bit sadly. "You might not have time to spend with me messing about and doing silly pranks and all. You'll be an adult."

Merry chuckled softly, "But you'll still be my best friend."

Pippin grinned broadly, though he knew Merry couldn't see him and then said, "I knew that."

"Go to sleep then, Pip," Merry said, gently. "And stop thinking so much. These things always happen when you start thinking too much."

"Good night, Merry," Pippin said, relaxing.

"Good night," Merry yawned.

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